Why Palko?

We know there are many options when choosing a distributor. There are large and small distributors, publicly traded and privately owned, grocery, sports nutrition distributors... the list goes on and on. While we offer services that are common with many distributors, such as great selections, low minimums and great monthly deals, Palko provides so much more. Palko makes retailing easier!

  • One stop shopping - Order in eaches from 338 brands with only 1 shipment to unpack and 1 Invoice. It's easy to do with our Low Minimum for FREE shipping.
  • Personal Service - Every account is assigned a professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales executive to assist with questions, EDLP's, Marketing, case stacks, item rankings, samples, etc.
  • Guaranteed sale - No one else does this! On any first time buy from Palko, if it doesn't sell, we accept it back! (excluding food items, of course)
  • Fast order processing - Most orders placed before noon CST ship by the next day.
  • Interactive Easy to use website - Place an order, review your buying history, easy search options, On-hand Inventory updated hourly, brand links...
  • Ease of ordering - Submit your orders by phone, e-mail, fax, Order Dog, Scan Genius, or electronically via our interactive Palko website.
  • Margins & Profits - Receive a monthly catalog filled with discounts, 8 trade shows per year, table top customer appreciation shows, volume discounts, free fills and much more!

When you choose Palko, you are choosing exclusive brands, you are choosing exceptional service, you are choosing integrity, you are choosing a family owned and operated distribution company. Our core business at Palko is not mass market and while we certainly have the ability to service such accounts, we generally invest in our storefront natural products retailers. With Palko, you are not just another account to get lost in the masses, you are part of our family. Such as it is with family, we genuinely care about your success. Giving you the personal attention that is needed to make your business thrive is what Palko is known for!

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